Kent Police Crime Commissioner - STOLEN US Treasures - Kent Police Corruption Fraud Bribery Scandal

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case - Largest Organised Criminal Conspiracy and Corruption Case - $ One Billion Dollars
$ Embezzlement of Funds Criminal Liquidation of Assets on a World Wide basis

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Kent Police Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes - DISCLOSURES - Chatham Magistrates Court "Forged Falsified" CJA RULES Victims Statements Forensic Files - Carroll Trust - Kent Police Service Corruption Fraud Scandal

HM Crown Prosecution Service Director-General retains a complete - LOCKDOWN - of the US HM Crown Carroll Trust National Security Public Interests Case

From the year of our Lord's incarnation 1164 the fourth year of the papacy of Alexander the tenth of the most illustrious Henry king of the English in the presence of the same king was made the Constitutions of Clarendon this remembrance or recognition of a certain part of the customs liberties and dignities of his predecessors that is to say of King Henry his grandfather and others which ought to be observed and held in the kingdom in the presence of Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury.

Saint Thomas Becket St. Thomas of Canterbury (c. 1118 – December 29, 1170) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 to 1170 he is venerated as a saint and martyr by both the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. Thomas Becket engaged in conflict with King Henry II over the customs liberties and dignities of his predecessors together with the rights and privileges of the Church. Thomas of Canterbury was assassinated by followers of the king in Canterbury Cathedral Kent.

The English Common Law foundations are the Constitutions of Clarendon the prelude to the King John Magna Carta 1215 and the U.S. Constitution 1776

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